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Black Box Testing - Book Review

Feb 3, 2000

A book review of the Model Based Testing for Beginners Book, Black Box Testing, suitable for Anyone who tests.

Book Cover for Black Box Testing

Model Based Testing for Beginners

Table of Contents Overview:

  • Graphs and relations
  • Control-flow testing
  • Loop testing
  • Data-flow testing
  • Transaction-flow testing
  • Domain testing
  • Syntax testing
  • Finite-state testing
  • Tools and automation

This is a very good book, an excellent book.

Presumably the title is bow to public word usage as Boris Beizer is on record for preferring the terms behavioral and structural testing.

This is a pragmatic book, that uses well established theoretical concerns, to demonstrate the construction of tests that provide a measurable level of coverage. This is not woolly testing.

It will not show you how to manage your tests, or even document your tests. The book credits you with creative intelligence and it will not patronise you.

The book is very precise, each term is defined and then used consistently.

Each chapter builds on at least one of the preceding chapters.


I have written a small Perl script which may help if you test in this way.

Find the book on [] []

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