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Mar 5, 2008 - 2 minute read - Agile Evil Tester

Eclipse plugins to ease Test Driven Development Mistakes

Previously I described how I made some TDD mistakes and fixed them by tracking them. And now to help me maintain my good behaviour and reduce my recidivism rate, I install some eclipse plugins: Emma, FindBugs, PMD and mousefeed.

The open source Emma code coverage tool provides a pretty good job of identifying my code coverage. I have had incidents where Emma and I disagreed on the extent of code coverage, but I find the Emma view of my code absolutely vital to double check that I haven’t relapsed into “Rewrite instead of Refactor” mode and allows me to engage in my preferred “Check code coverage after refactor” behaviour.

PMD scans my code looking for my idiot “Lower Case Class Names” mistake.

Eclipse itself handles my “Refactor Automatically” needs and while I haven’t learned as many keyboard shortcuts as I want to yet (and refactoring doesn’t seem to have too many). I have installed mousefeed to help me with those keyboard shortcuts that do exist.

I installed FindBugs to help me with my code reviews. Since I still have a whole lot of learning to do on Java, I run FindBugs as a ‘just in case’ check when I code on my own and have no pair.

For the subversion commit/update loop - I think I have to monitor my own behaviour.

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