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Jun 1, 2008 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Tools

Surprise, and now... PowerShell

Well, that last post took me by surprise - I had forgotten I had set up more slogans in advance. So to quickly try and redeem the blog and add some value… some links about testing with Microsoft PowerShell.

The first link came through my blog aggregator from the MSDN Tester Center.

I assume the addition of Test Applications with PowerShell triggered the rss update but I don’t know for sure. The link points to a self-unarchiving .exe with PowerShell source code showing how to use PowerShell to test a website. Note: the .exe raised an error when I ran it so I had to load it into IZarc first and unarchive it from there, if you get an error error then you know what to do.

The second link I found when re-reading the “Test Driven Infrastructures” article by Mario Cardinal in The Architecture Journal.

Mario links to the CodePlex PowerShell Scripts for Testing which I had not followed up on before, although looks like an interesting set of scripts to learn from.

That page links to the PowerShell for Testers blog that I had never visited or read before, but have now added into my rss aggregator.

I know this post has the appearance of a set of hastily cobbled together links, but I also know at least one tester that will find this list useful and will spend time, after finishing this post, going through all the links and learning new stuff… namely, Me.

I hope you find these pointers useful too.

- in Evil Tester Tools

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