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Exploratory Test Assistant - a tool for recording your exploratorytesting notes

Jan 15, 2009

A long time ago I started writing a tool to help me with my exploratory testing [on GitHub].

I wanted a tool that would sit out of the way unnoticed until I needed it (at the call of a hot key), then I could type in a little note, save it and forget about it. And in the background the tool would go away and format the notes as I wanted them so at the end of a testing session I would have a report.

I didn’t actually get to use the tool a lot because I started doing a lot more management work. But now I’ve done a bit more hands on testing recently I dug it out of my hard drive to see where I got to.

Since this comes in the category of “development project” I have placed it on Compendium Developments and at some point I’ll create a proper project page for it, should demand warrant that effort.

The tool has plenty of bugs of its own. At the time I knew how to use it and its foibles so I didn’t productionize it (I just eviltesterized it). Out of the box it has templates to support James and Jon Bach’s session based test reporting, and you can amend the templates and entities to create your own.

A whole bunch of features remain unimplemented. And I may well amend and tinker with it in the future. But since it has lain dormant on my hard drive for the last two years I thought I better give it a wee airing and if you like it you can use it. And if you think it should have some features you can amend the source code (I wrote it in AutoIt).

Feel free to contribute any changes back to me so I can add them into the main code branch.

It has plenty of usability ‘issues’, and not as fully keyboard driven as I originally wanted it.

Comments welcome - just don’t hold out a lot of hope that I will spring into action and turn it into a fully featured exploratory testing note taking tool. I built it as a prototype to see what kind of functionality I would need at my fingertips to support my testing. I still haven’t found a ‘one great tool’ to support me so I still have a need for a good, simple, small exploratory testing support tool.

And - all things can change so here you go eviltester/exploratoryTestAssistant the Exploratory Test Assistant. [Download from GitHub]

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