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Feb 21, 2011 - 2 minute read - Entertainment Evil Tester

Can a new certification survey change the landscape of Software TestingCertification?

I doubt it, but what the heck. Let’s try. Inspired I was by Dot Graham’s explanation of the original reasons behind certification in “Certification is evil?“. Which in turn was inspired by the Software Testing Club “Tester is for life, not just for Christmas” e-book.

My views on certification in the e-book were “You’re better off becoming an ordained minister from the Church of the Subgenius for only $30.00 than putting any money, or time, towards the Testing Certification Scam.”

But I only said that because I meant it. I paid my money to the Church of Subgenius and in return received a bumper pack of stuff, including an ordainment certificate (or two). And what a splendidly entertaining pack I got in return. I don’t think people mind being scammed too much when they are in on the joke and it is entertaining and self-referentially irreverent.

And I have a healthy respect for scams and cons throughout history. Many of my historical heroes straddled the fine line between art and artifice: Casanova, Cagliostro, Houdini, Crowley, Machen. My favourite crime author, Jim Thompson, wrote famously about con artists and grifters. I have a fairly large set of circus and magic autobiographies. I’m drawn towards a study of Flim Flam. If there was a degree or certification in Flim Flammery I would want it.

I have come to suspect that all my negative energy towards certification stems from jealousy. I see a sophisticated, and socially acceptable hustle. But one which my chosen beliefs, and approach to life, won’t let me take advantage of.

I can’t think of an equally money spinning, but acceptable to me, scheme. So I get jealous.

But that doesn’t stop me trying.

So, please help me out by taking part in the Evil Tester’s Software Certification Survey.

Survey is closed for the moment due to GDPR and lack of time to update the survey

So, yes, I’m researching the scam of self-certification, because I believe that by involving the person being scammed and colluding with them, but letting them have ultimate responsibility for the scam. We have a win-win grifting situation - and that doesn’t happen very often.

If you are interested in receiving an early release form of a self-certification scam scheme pack, then let me know and I’m sure for the appropriate monetary remuneration I can knock something up for you.

- in Entertainment Evil Tester

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