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Dec 4, 2012 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Techniques

The Evil Tester's Guide to Technical Testing Webinar

My Webinar for Eurostar 2012 “The Evil Tester’s Guide to Technical Testing” generated a lot of questions, so I look forward to answering those in a future blog post.

Eurostar Conferences have made the webinar available on youtube.

Watch on YouTube

I have uploaded the slides to SlideShare, and I pulled out some of the links below, so you have no excuse not to follow them up now.

Evil testers guide to technical testing from eviltester

Links Mentioned:

Technical Testers will find a way:

Tools listed in the bluffer’s Guide:

Further Reading:

And I leave the rest up to you. I honestly think that the testing world will add more value when everyone in it augments their testing knowledge with technical knowledge, and management knowledge with Technical Knowledge.

And you decide, how you do it.

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