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Mar 4, 2015 - 1 minute read - About the book Java For Testers

Java For Testers ebook now on Amazon

 Buy Java For Testers ebook on

Java For Testers ebook is now on Amazon. and

The same book as available on

All I changed was the copyright page to reflect Compendium Developments Ltd as the publisher.

For those of you who want to publish through leanpub and want to do this (I used the epub editor in calibre to make the changes)

Amazon has a fixed price for the ebook, and you’ll receive notifications of updates to the ebook if you have Amazon set up to tell you about them.

Leanpub has a more flexibile pricing structure, so you can pay more for the book (if you think it is worth more) (or less, if you’re not sure). You will also receive more email updates, and the possibility of ‘bonus extras’ because I can use the leanpub mailing facility to let you know about new ‘Java For Testers’ information.

I personally, receive more money if you buy through leanpub, and have the ability to keep in touch easier, but I’ve added the ebook to Amazon for wider reach world wide.

Choose the platform you are most comfortable with. If you buy on Amazon, you can always sign up to our newsletter if you want email updates.

Java For Testers ebook available from: and []

- in About the book Java For Testers

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