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Apr 21, 2016 - 1 minute read - examples Java For Testers

Source Code for House Of Test Java Technical Testing Case Study Videos Released

I have released the source code for my Java Technical Testing Video Case Study

There isn’t too much to the source code. A single @Test method in an Test .java file.

The pom.xml was really just to create a basic project in IntelliJ to use the inbuilt IntelliJ decompiler.

The source code is the code used to ‘test’ the random generation. This won’t work unless you add the data generation tool as a dependent jar as described in the case study videos.

And I haven’t done any work to tidy up the code so again it reflects a ‘write whatever code you need to get the job done’ attitude.

If I use the code more than once then I would revisit it, refactor it, etc. etc.
But I didn’t. I used it during the case study and now it lives on github).

You can find more details about the case study in this blog post

- in examples Java For Testers

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