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A Compendium of Testing Apps

Apr 26, 2018

TLDR; A Compendium of Testing Apps rebadged, re-packaged, new repository, more apps, including REST API testing.

I bundled up a bunch of web pages into a testing app.

I have now restructured the code for that application and added in a REST API Test application as well.

I’ve also moved the code to a new repo to make it easier to download.

You can find the “Evil Tester’s Compendium of Testing Apps” at

And download from the releases page

What’s new?

Ths new release has the “REST Listicator” which is a small REST API I created for training people in REST APIs.

So if you downloaded the previous version, this has a whole new app in it.

Why do I have to download it?

When you are practicing, you might not be online.

There might be no wifi you can see, you might be:

  • On a train,
  • on a plane,
  • on a boat,
  • or even in a box afloat.

Up a tree, or in a car?

It does not matter; where you are, or where you be.

Once you download the jar, you can test it near or far.

Here, or there, or anywhere.

  • In the dark,
  • or in the park.
  • With a mouse,
  • or in the house.

Flexibility you see.

For where you test is not up to me.

What changed?


  • The project is now an aggregated maven project with multiple modules
  • I’ve split some code into re-usable libraries that can be released individually
  • I can configure the modules to run as individual apps if necessary
  • Started adding tests for some of the sub modules (more to do)

All of this means that I have more to blog and write about and more opportunities for approaching the testing in more interesting ways.

I might have gone overboard with the module splitting up but it seems to impose a good discipline on my development process and helps keep the abstractions clean so I’ll probably do more of that in the future.

With any bulk upgrade and system merge there is the chance that something goes wrong. I know that I do know have enough automated functional verification coverage in the build yet. But I have run the external integration automated execution. I have scanned it with a link checker. I have used some of the apps. I think its good enough for a version one.

Have fun.

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