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Sep 7, 2018 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Podcast

The Evil Tester Show Podcast Episode 006 - Workarounds

The new “Evil Tester Show” episode covers the topic of Workarounds.

Have you ever used a workaround to get something done?

You betcha. In this show I describe some examples and how important they have been in my testing and my career. And some of the risks you face when you use them.

You can find the mp3, video and show notes on the show page or watch it below.

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I cover workarounds in terms of:

  • Adding new functionality to tools
  • Process workarounds
  • Document template workarounds
  • Machine lockdowns
  • Test Management Tool workarounds
  • Workarounds as a life hack

Some of the workarounds I discuss require programming skills, but they really don’t require much programming ability because you are often working within the framework of another tool.

Technical knowledge is useful to allow you to assess the technical risk associated with the workaround. If its a process workaround then the risk is often personal and you have to assess how much you care and if you are prepared to put the job on the line for this.

Sometimes “Ask for forgiveness rather than permission” doesn’t lead to forgiveness. You have to consider that risk.

The full show notes and links are over on the show notes page:

- in Evil Tester Podcast

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