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Feb 1, 2019 - 3 minute read - Software Testing Patreon Evil Tester

EvilTester Patreon Contents

How do you keep motivated and accountable to improving your testing and technical skills?

Where do you find small regular chunks of Software Testing and Development experience?

This is what I was thinking when I setup the Evil Tester Patreon.

Since then I realised that knowing Patreons are there, pushes me harder to think about my testing and my own improvement, and that drives content that I put on Patreon to help other people.

I put a lot of stuff on YouTube, but only the ‘obvious’ content really gains traction. The content that I think is really valuable and which I learned most from creating doesn’t do as well. I started putting that content in Patreon where people who are really serious about their professional development can learn from it.

Behind the Scenes Video

Watch on YouTube

How do I know it is worth the money?

$5 a month. How much is your learning worth to you?

You can gain access to daily information, videos, tips and motivation. And access to exclusive online courses and recorded conference talks.

The price is there so that you recognise that you are committing time and money behind your growth and development.

Patreon allows you to drop in and out so you can sign up, learn, then back off for a little while and come back.

I’m trying to support that more by creating collated monthly pdfs of all the content.

If you are tuning in every day then you’ll probably be able to keep up with the daily posts, but if you drop out for a few months then you need a way to catch up when you come back and re-commit to learning. No other Patron program has this. I’ve had to write custom code to do this (and I explain how I did it in a few Patreon videos).

If you need to give something up in order to commit the funds to your learning then consider:

  • For less than the price of two Starbucks Latte (a month).
  • For less than 17 cents per day.

You can augment your other learning approaches with this and give yourself an edge that other people don’t have.

Is it a community?

It is as much of a community as you make it.

I interact on comments, IMs, and on the Discord chat server.

The more you ask questions, the more I create content that is tailored towards the needs of the people in Patreon.

I use Patreon as my accountability partner. Knowing people are there keeps me concentrated on distilling what I learn in small chunks. Seeing content on a daily basis is a reminder to keep learning and pushing yourself to improve.

If you want to improve and stay motivated to improving your testing and development skills.

Try it out. You gain access to everything as soon as you pledge.

Sign up here at

You will need a Github account to comment. Or you can contact me with your comment.

I reserve the right to delete spam comments e.g. if your comment adds no value and its purpose is simply to create a backlink to another site offering training, or courses, etc.