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Mar 4, 2019 - 5 minute read - Monthly Summaries

February 2019 Content Summary

TLDR; Another month of lots of content with tools, blog posts, patreon and links

I’m conscious that a lot of information gets lost in the noise of the world so I’ll try and collate content I release and find useful. This was February 2019

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Tools & Code

I wrote a few more tools, mainly to experiment more with JavaScript and learn how to write Chrome Extensions.

  • The Observatron A chrome extension for capturing information as you perform exploratory testing of web sites.
  • CounterString JS My second (at least) JavaScript CounterString implementation, but this runs as a Chrome extension so you can right click on a field and insert a counterstring.

Blog Posts

All my YouTube videos are embedded within blog posts, so I haven’t listed the videos separately.


The Evil Tester Show had 1 new episode released

-The Finding Tools Special how to find tools and evaluate them effectively.


Some of this is overlap with the blog and YouTube. When I release a YouTube video I also provide it ad-free to Patreons and create a blog post for it. And I discuss my blog posts in more detail with extra thoughts over on Patreon. I also create unique content on Patreon, so there is usual more released on my Patreon site than publicly.

I release a PDF which has the full text of all my blog posts and patreon posts as a Patreon benefit to make it easier for Patreon supporters to catchup in batch mode.

Things that caught my eye

I usually post things that catch my eye on Twitter

I mentioned a few other things on Twitter but if you scroll through my timeline for February then I’m sure you’ll find them

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