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Apr 1, 2019 - 4 minute read - Software Testing Evil Tester

March 2019 Content Summary

TLDR; Another month of lots of content with tools, blog posts, patreon and links

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Tools & Code

I wrote a couple of Chrome Extensions, and updated my testing practice apps.

Site Updates

I’ve been updating my sites and migrated more content over to

I also updated my services pages to describe in easier format what I do. If you want any consultancy help with testing or development then these pages might help.

Did you know I have a free guide on “What is Agile Software Testing?”

Blog Posts

All my YouTube videos are embedded within blog posts, so I haven’t listed the videos separately.


The Evil Tester Show had 2 new episodes released

  • What is Software Testing? a discussion of definitions and trying to keep things simple.
  • The Why Special how and when to ask questions that get relevant answers, rather than asking “Why?” all the time

Things that caught my eye

I usually post things that catch my eye on Twitter

I mentioned a few other things on Twitter but if you scroll through my timeline for February then I’m sure you’ll find them


Some of this is overlap with the blog and YouTube. When I release a YouTube video I also provide it ad-free to Patreons and create a blog post for it. And I discuss my blog posts in more detail with extra thoughts over on Patreon. I also create unique content on Patreon, so there is usual more released on my Patreon site than publicly.

Patreon Posts For March 2019

I release a PDF which has the full text of all my blog posts and patreon posts as a Patreon benefit to make it easier for Patreon supporters to catchup in batch mode.

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