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May 3, 2019 - 3 minute read - Monthly Summaries

April 2019 Content Summary

TLDR; Another month of lots of patreon content, code reviews and a few blog posts and links

I’ve been concentrating on business this month, and creating a few new videos (for other companies) and conducting some code reviews.

If you want to know how I conduct code reviews then my Remote Code Reviews page explains it. This is a really good way to get experienced feedback on your projects even if you don’t want a more lengthy consultancy engagement.

I’m always happy to learn about your consultancy or mentoring needs. Remember consultancy is very cost effective because I hit your problems hard and fast or I work with your teams for short targeted engagements. You don’t hire me for 6 months, you hire me for days at a time and each engagement is tailored exclusively for you.

If you want me to work directly with your teams and help improve your approach and skill sets then you can contact me here or find more details of consultancy work on this information page.

Blog Posts

All my YouTube videos are embedded within blog posts, so I haven’t listed the videos separately.

Things that caught my eye

Things that caught my eye that I mentioned on Twitter

I mentioned a few other things on Twitter but if you scroll through my timeline for April then I’m sure you’ll find them

Patreon Posts For April 2019

There is usually more released on my Patreon site than publicly on the blog.

I release a PDF which has the full text of all my blog posts and patreon posts as a Patreon benefit to make it easier for Patreon supporters to catchup in batch mode.

If you want to keep up to date on a more regular basis you can follow me on - Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

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I reserve the right to delete spam comments e.g. if your comment adds no value and its purpose is simply to create a backlink to another site offering training, or courses, etc.