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May 2, 2020 - 6 minute read - Monthly Summaries

April 2020 Content Summary

TLDR; April content contains links to free books and new podcasts.


I presented a Webinar on The Future of Testing, sponsored by Virtuoso. You can watch the full webinar with QA by signing up on the Webinar site. And you’ll be able to watch a short talk from me, and a Q&A with Adil Mohammed from Virtuoso and Joe Colantonio.

The section of the live webinar recording for my talk has already been released to my Patreon site, and I will upload it with additional bonus extras (about an hour of extra content) to my Evil Tester Talks bundle, later this month.

I released a new podcast episode, with tips on How to Present Online.

Upcoming this month, I will be speaking at the free online SauceCon conference.

I will present an online tutorial at Eurostar in November. You can find information about the programme here

The content on Patreon is accessible for only $1 a month at And for $5 a month the Patreon supporters gain access to downloadable PDFs of the content and micro courses e.g. How I Test - Web App, Test Ability Audit and more

Blog Posts For April 2020

March 2020 and Patreon Content Summary

  • Content created and collated for, Patreon and Social for March 2020

How to assess coverage of automation?

  • Coverage requires some sort of model. We can organise code to support review against a mental model, and some models are executable. Other models we compare against the output of execution.

Tips For Learning JavaScript

  • I get asked a lot for resources to learn coding and particularly JavaScript, so here are some resources.

The Evil Tester On-demand Online Conference

  • I have a collection of on-demand conference talks and webinars available for only $10

Episode 012 - How to Present an Online Talk - The Evil Tester Show

  • In this podcast we share tips on how to present online.

Tips for Presenting Online

  • Tips for Presenting Online at online conferences and webinars

Twitter Summary for April 2020

This summary is pulled from reports generated by (A free Twitter Client)

I can see I was promoting:

A Future of Testing webinar with Joe Colantonio @joecolantonio and Adil Mohammed @adilmd from Virtuoso, sign up for free to watch a replay of the event -

  • Patreons already have access to the live recording of my talk, and the exercises.
  • I will be adding the talk and at least an hour of extras to Evil Tester Talks this month

I will present an online tutorial at Eurostar in November. You can find information about the programme here #SoftwareTesting -

Things that caught my eye:

Patreon Posts For April 2020

Future of Testing Exercises

  • Exercises from the extras of the Future of Testing Webinar.

4 ways of treating problems - illustrated by dependency example

  • I hit an interesting set of dependency issues today. And I can see I was only on the 2nd rung of Ackoffs problem treatment hierarchy.

Questions from Future of Testing Webinar

  • Apparently there were more questions than we had time to answer on the Webinar. These are my basic answers for the initial set of questions.

Future of Testing Webinar Recording

  • Local recording of my future of testing webinar presentation.

Behind the scenes - Future of Testing Webinar

  • A short behind the scenes look at how I created the presentation for the ‘Future of Testing’ webinar

The Core of Testing

  • The core of testing means that there will always be a role for testers.

Unit Tests Allow Confident Action

  • One of the useful things about unit testing is that it gradually helps move your project from tactical to more strategic.

Automated Dependency Upgrade Risks

  • Some notes on dependency management risk that bit my site.

Podcast transcript Presenting Online Tips

  • podcast episcoe transcript for presenting online tips

Next Podcast - How To Present At An Online Conference

  • The adfree early access version of the video of my podcast.

Hunting Machiavelli Quotes

  • Some quotes on predicting, and advocating for, the future.

Chris Voss - Negotiation Interview Video

  • A recommended video interview with Chris Voss

Defect Writing Exercise: Cause, Effect, Impact, Solution

  • Based on the earlier exercise, does taking a different focus on defects change how they are written and raised?

Integriti Easter Security Testing Challenge

  • Integriti latest security testing challenge provided some insights into noise vs data vs information. And ‘when do we stop?’

Moral Dilemmas in Testing Live Sites

  • Effect of automating a live site, finding a minor data leak.

Learning JavaScript Tips Video

  • tips for learning JavaScript video

Standard For Software Component Testing

  • The draft BCS Standard For Software Component Testing links

A Testing Exercise - Dynamic Buttons

  • A testing exercise using one of the pages at

Form Follows Function - Technical Web Testing

  • My form of testing may be limited by the functionality open to me, I need to keep understanding the technology and tooling capabilities.

Automating Connection Requests

  • I implemented some tactical automation to support processing inbound connection requests.

How to train yourself - exercises

  • Reading, watching, making notes… all of that is important for learning. But exercises are where it really kicks in.

How to assess Test Automation Coverage

  • This is a video I will release to YouTube. I’m uploading it here ad-free and with the addition of a transcript.

Language phrases describing automating

  • I recommend taking steps to isolate yourself from the power of the phrase ‘Test Automation’ as it frees up your mind.

Content Summary for March 2020

  • Content Summary for March 2020

March 2020 Collated PDFs

  • March 2020 Collated PDFs - all blog and patreon content collated into pdfs

Automation Exercise - Admin Login Pages

  • I created a page to experiment with infrastructure abstractions.

You can gain access to the content on Patreon for only $1 a month at And for $5 a month the Patreon supporters gain access to downloadable PDFs of the content and micro courses e.g. How I Test - Web App, Test Ability Audit and more

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