3 Useful Questions, GS

Apr 26, 2006 - 1 minute read - CompendiumDev WebWatch

What do you mean? How do you know? What then? from driveyourselfsane.com Articles on General Semantics from the European Society for General Semantics.

Ivor Cutler (R.I.P)

Apr 26, 2006 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester WebWatch

Ivor Cutler - I believe in bugs Lying in the silken ground one day, I shall sense the buggies wriggle as they eat me away, Singing “I believe in bugs, I truly believe in bugs, I truly believe in bugs…” (born January 15 1923; died March 3 2006) This post originally appeared on compendiumdev.co.uk but I moved it here as it seemed more Evil Testery

Excel For Test Data Generation

Mar 15, 2005 - 1 minute read - Essays Evil Tester

MS Excel, and spreadsheets in general, are the testers friend. I have written up some notes about how to use Excel and VBA to generate test data. Moved to github.com/eviltester/XML-EXCEL-Test-Data-Generator

I am a bug - Book Review

Mar 14, 2005 - 3 minute read - Evil Tester Book Reviews

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A book review of the Children’s Software Testing Classic “I Am A Bug” by Rob Sabourin, suitable for everyone.

Book Cover for I Am A Bug

Descriptive Words And Software Testing

Feb 15, 2005 - 1 minute read - Essays Evil Tester

Words, and how they affect cognition, perception, state and action, interest me. I wanted to experiment with a less linear and more diagrammatic communication format, so… I thought, and I drew, and I experimented, and I turned a textual blog entry into a single page of diagrams and boxed out text. Words, and how they affect cognition, perception, state and action, interest me. And that is one of the reasons why I continue to study NLP, and General Semantics (ESGS,IGS).

Being Resourceful when your hands are tied

Aug 4, 2004 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Articles

Back in 2004, Danny Faught and I collaborated on an article for Better Software, about how to use tools when you have no budget, or people will not let you install anything. The article was entitled “Being Resourceful when your hands are tied”.

Alternative Test Tools in Action

Mar 15, 2004 - 4 minute read - Essays Evil Tester

I went through a process of self-evaluation to understand better how I test, how I think about testing and the tools I use. This paper discusses the tool strategies I use and is an introduction to the world of free and cheap tools available to help us do testing. pdf pdfpdfpdf The tools in action The sessions in action A related stickyminds.com paper is Being Resourceful When Your Hands are Tied which was co-written with Danny Faught.

Help Yourself - Self Education for Software Testers

Jan 4, 2004 - 8 minute read - Evil Tester Articles

The January 2004 edition of Professional Tester contains an article about self education and practise. The article was entitled “Help Yourself”.

Tom Gilb Competitive Engineering Courses

Oct 20, 2003 - 10 minute read - Evil Tester Training

Requirements are a tricky business. As testers, we know that a lot of the ‘finished’ requirements we see require investigation on our part to find out ‘how’ we can actually test them and to get to the core of what the requirement actually means. We also know that the development process is notorious for claiming that users changed their requirements, and kept changing them as the development process continued. So structured processes prefer to avoid change, and extreme processes embrace change.

T.O.T.E - Test, Operate, Test, Exit for Software Testing

Aug 15, 2002 - 4 minute read - Essays Evil Tester

Wherein the TOTE (Test Operate Test Exit) model is used to explore the nature of feedback and abstraction of test phases In 1960, George Miller proposed a model of Goal driven behavior which he titled T.O.T.E (Test operate test exit). This essay, maps the T.O.T.E model to Software Testing. Fig 1: The TOTE Model as a Graph My understanding of TOTE is very simple. For this model to be valid we have to accept that the stimulus behind behavior is the achievement of a Goal.