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Jul 1, 2015 - 2 minute read - Selenium Simplified Blog WebDriver

OperaDriver is now officially deprecated in my code

Anyone remember Opera?

For a while it had the best developer tools and the best JavaScript debugger. It also had ‘good, not great’ WebDriver support, but an easy to add driver via maven.

That stopped when Opera went from version 12.17 and the Opera Driver didn’t work on most recent versions of Opera when they moved to webkit and then blink. But if you still wanted to, you could still use the driver and run tests with the older version of Opera.

But no longer.

The OperaDriver hasn’t been updated so it now compile clashes with Selenium WebDriver 2.46.0

You can exclude the conflicting apache.commons code if you want:

        <!-- changes to Selenium 2.46.0 mean that the operadriver
            now conflicts with Selenium WebDriver. I excluded the
            apache.commons commons-exec from operadriver to allow
            the driver to retain compile time compatibility 
            with webdriver
            <groupId> org.apache.commons</groupId>

That will get you compiled, but won’t help you execute.

In fact OperaDriver hasn’t executed since WebDriver version 2.34.0


The OperaDriver depends on code that moved in WebDriver 2.35.0.

Possibly just as well since Opera always had some issues:

  • Alert Handling
  • Did not refresh reliably
  • Window Management - did not maximise
  • JavaScript Executor and Asyn execution
  • File handling
  • Cookies - did not return the correct expiry date

I have now ‘officially’ removed OperaDriver from my course code base, and moved the basic Opera stuff, just as a legacy example, off to github.

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