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Jul 1, 2015 - 2 minute read - Courses Selenium Simplified Blog WebDriver

Recent course source code changes for WebDriver 2.46.0

I just finished updating my course source code for WebDriver 2.46.0

I removed some of the code to github:

I had to make a few other minor changes which I summarise below.

Chrome and Firefox

Chrome and ChromeDriver 2.16 now seem to work as well as the Firefox driver. I used to have some issues with Frames and Window management but that has all gone away. Now I have a single set of tests for Chrome and Firefox with no ‘fails on Chrome’ and ‘fails on Firefox’ suites.

I did have to add some additional synchronisation when creating new windows in Firefox. Firefox used to block before returning control to the code when creating new windows, but now it doesn’t so I simple ‘wait’ for the element I need to be available before clicking on it. General synchronisation goodness that we all know and love.


I did have to make changes for cookies though. I assume most people don’t mess much with cookies when using WebDriver, but it is handy functionality when you need it.

ChromeDriver still has a bug where it creates 2 cookies. And now, when ChromeDriver creates a cookie it prefixes the ‘domain’ with a ‘.'. This means you have to be careful working with cookies through ChromeDriver as you might have to work around the browser creating a duplicate cookie after you amend it.

Firefox updates have meant that I now have to append a ‘/’ to my cookie paths.

Minor Things

  • The Select support class gave me a string padded text, so I had to ‘trim’ the output. I suspect this was a browser compatibility thing with my app code.
  • On Mac, my window positioning code didn’t work because I set the Y value to 20, but Mac wanted more space for its top menu bar, so I changed the position to 40.


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