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Jan 14, 2016 - 2 minute read - Selenium Simplified Blog WebDriver

Can I use Selenium WebDriver to automate a Windows Desktop Application?

A question posted on the forum of my Selenium WebDriver course. “Can I use Selenium WebDriver to automate a Windows Desktop Application?”

I have updated and expanded the answer I provided on the course forum into this blog post.

Answer:  No. WebDriver is Web only. But…

Since WebDriver has a RemoteWebDriver architecture, people have created RemoteWebDriver implementations which aim to automate Windows Applications:

Some options that I have not tried, based around WebDriver:


I have not had to automate windows for a long time.

When I last automated Windows I used AutoIt:

I started work on my own Java Windows Automation API, but I haven’t kept that up to date since I haven’t had to automate windows. JWinAuto on sourceforge.

Andrew Davis has created a similar implementation called JAU.​

Also available is the AutoIt4Java implementation:

You might also consider AutoHotKey, a simple language like AutoIt and widely used.

I have heard of…

I have heard of people successfully using White :

I have also heard people successfully use Sikuli:

Other standalone tools:

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