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Mar 21, 2016 - 2 minute read - Selenium Simplified Blog Training Courses WebDriver

Upgrade to Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0 and ChromeDriver 2.21

Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0 is available
Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0 is available

Upgrade to Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0

I’ve just updated my online Selenium 2 WebDriver with Java course to use version 2.53.0 of Selenium WebDriver. Change Log

I mainly update due to browser changes but this update required a code fix.

Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0

Minor code fix in the pom.xml to add a dependency on the new Htmlunit driver project.

The package structure in the htmlunit driver was left the same so all I had to amend was the pom file

<webdriver.<span class="hljs-property">version</span>><span class="hljs-number">2.53</span><span class="hljs-number">.0</span></webdriver.<span class="hljs-property">version</span>>
<junit.<span class="hljs-property">version</span>><span class="hljs-number">4.11</span></junit.<span class="hljs-property">version</span>>
<hamcrest.<span class="hljs-property">version</span>><span class="hljs-number">1.3</span></hamcrest.<span class="hljs-property">version</span>>
<htmlunitdriver.<span class="hljs-property">version</span>><span class="hljs-number">2.20</span></htmlunitdriver.<span class="hljs-property">version</span>>

And the include for HTMLUnit became:

<span class="hljs-comment"><!-- from WebDriver 2.53.0 HTMLUnit is no longer distributed with Selenium WebDriver --></span>
<span class="hljs-comment"><!-- --></span>
<span class="hljs-comment"><!-- need to bring in the htmlunit driver on its own --></span>
<span class="hljs-comment"><!-- --></span>
<span class="hljs-tag"><<span class="hljs-title">dependency</span>></span>
    <span class="hljs-tag"><<span class="hljs-title">groupId</span>></span>org.seleniumhq.selenium<span class="hljs-tag"></<span class="hljs-title">groupId</span>></span>
    <span class="hljs-tag"><<span class="hljs-title">artifactId</span>></span>htmlunit-driver<span class="hljs-tag"></<span class="hljs-title">artifactId</span>></span>
    <span class="hljs-tag"><<span class="hljs-title">version</span>></span>${htmlunitdriver.version}<span class="hljs-tag"></<span class="hljs-title">version</span>></span>
<span class="hljs-tag"></<span class="hljs-title">dependency</span>></span>

ChromeDriver 2.21

I also had to update my build machine to use 2.21 ChromeDriver.

When I did this I discovered that this version has fixed some Cookie bugs when working against Google Chrome.

So I amended my tests to cater for this as well.

I’ve uploaded the code to my online training course existing students can download the amended code from the course materials section.

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