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Apr 25, 2016 - 2 minute read - FAQ Selenium Simplified Blog WebDriver

How to use the Firefox Marionette Driver

**Note: This post was triggered by a blog post on David Burns’ Blog which states that FirefoxDriver will stop working at version 47 of Firefox. **

It is easy to switch to using the new MarionetteDriver.

  • I suggest you try it on your code, and if your tests work, then keep using it.
  • If your tests fail, then it is most likely some defects in the newer MarionetteDriver. In which case:

Steps to switch:

  • Download the marionette driver
  • Unarchive it to a folder of your choice
  • In your code set the "webdriver.gecko.driver" property to the location of the .exe
  • Use the MarionetteDriver

The above is slightly different from the official instructions on the page.

The official instructions suggest you:

  • rename the file to ‘wires.exe’ and
  • add it to your path.

I did rename it to wires.exe, mainly to keep the code consistent so I wouldn’t have to update the code everytime I change the version of the marionette driver.

But I didn’t add it to the path. I’d rather control that in the code when the option is provided.

So for Firefox 45 and 46 my start driver code looks like this:

WebDriver driver = <span class="hljs-keyword">new</span> FirefoxDriver();

And for Firefox 47 and above my code looks like this:

<span class="hljs-keyword">String </span>currentDir = System.getProperty(<span class="hljs-string">"user.dir"</span>)<span class="hljs-comment">;</span>
<span class="hljs-keyword">String </span><span class="hljs-keyword">marionetteDriverLocation </span>= currentDir + <span class="hljs-string">"/tools/marionette/wires.exe"</span><span class="hljs-comment">;</span>
<span class="hljs-label">System.setProperty</span>(<span class="hljs-string">"webdriver.gecko.driver"</span>, <span class="hljs-keyword">marionetteDriverLocation);
</span><span class="hljs-label">WebDriver</span> driver = new <span class="hljs-keyword">MarionetteDriver();

I have a working example of this in the startUsingSeleniumWebDriver code on github:

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