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Oct 14, 2016 - 3 minute read - Selenium Simplified Blog WebDriver

Upgrading to Selenium 3 with My First Selenium Project

TLDR; set version to 3.0.1, stop using MarionetteDriver, download geckodriver v 0.11.1

Selenium 3 is out and you can read the big announcement.

You can also start to use it.

I’ll be checking my course against Selenium 3 later today, but for the moment, here are the steps you need to take to upgrade.

Upgrading to Selenium 3.0

Using startUsingSeleniumWebDriver as an example.

Change the pom.xml





Not quite Tadah

For Marionette, we need to update to the most recent version.

At the time of writing - version 0.11.1

With Selenium 3, MarionetteDriver is deprecated.

My test MyFirstTestFF48 uses MarionetteDriver.

I can see that MarionetteDriver is deprecated

But it still works, provided I have Marionette geckodriver setup correctly.

It works if I install v 0.11.1 of Marionette Driver and have it named as geckodriver.exe on the path. But I should migrate away from using MarionetteDriver in my code because it is deprecated.

Back to FirefoxDriver

FirefoxDriver now defaults to use the Marionette driver.

So I can use Marionette by running my FirefoxDriver test.

Which uses FirefoxDriver

Selenium 3, by default.

  • FirefoxDriver now uses Marionette.
  • No longer have to rename geckodriver.exe to wires.exe
  • now use geckodriver.exe

If you want to switch between 2.53.1 and 3.0.1 I’d add the Marionette driver folder to the path and:

  • have v 0.9.0 named as wires.exe
  • have v 0.11.1 named as geckodriver.exe

My firefox test:

mvn test -Dtest=MyFirstTest

Works if I install v 0.11.1 of Marionette Driver and have it named as geckodriver.exe on the path and I use FirefoxDriver to instantiate the driver.

Firefox Marionettte Summary:

To use Marionette geckodriver.exe for Firefox with Selenium 3:

Legacy Firefox?

What if you want to use the built in FirefoxDriver e.g. for Firefox Extended Support Release or portable Firefox?

Well, you still can, you just have to:

  • set the Firefox driver capability “marionette” to false
  • set the firefox_binary capability to the path of your legacy firefox


DesiredCapabilities capabilities = DesiredCapabilities.firefox();
capabilities.setCapability("marionette", false);
       new File(System.getProperty("user.dir"),
WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(capabilities);

Work to do

I have some work to do to update the startUsingSeleniumWebDriver and check my course tests against Selenium 3. If I have to update anything I’ll blog about it here.


  • Update pom.xml to use <version>3.0.0</version>
  • download the latest version of geckodriver.exe
  • add geckodriver.exe to the path
  • use FirefoxDriver in your code
  • set "marionette" capability to false if we want to use legacy FirefoxDriver

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