I often receive emails and contact form requests asking if a company can guest post on my blog.

I send people who persistently contact me, but provide no content or good reasons, to this page to explain why I have not responded to them.

The answer thus far, has been “No”. I do not accept guest posts on my blog.

Instances where that might change:

  • you send me such amazing content that it needs to be on my site
  • you want to collaborate on content that I will learn from and so will my readers
  • you want to pay me to write something for you.

How not to ask - no Information

I often receive emails with no information. These do not sell me on your service or content.


I’m Bob, from Company X.

We want to know about guest blogging opportunities on your site.

Let me know,



Dear Bob,

  • you didn’t tell me what you would you want to write about
  • you didn’t tell me how that would benefit my readers
  • you didn’t provide any links to content that you’ve done before
  • you didn’t include any payment terms or relationship contract ideas

Sorry. I won’t spend any time responding to you, although I might email you a link to this page.



I (visited/am a regular reader of) and I would like to add a guest post on your site.

I can provide you with an article that perfectly fits your (niche/brand) and will generate great SEO.

Please let me know,



  • I don’t believe you’ve read the site, otherwise you would have noticed no guest posts.
  • You didn’t even mention the niche so I don’t think you know what it is
  • You didn’t describe the niche or brand so I think you are spam

If I have misrepresented your intent

If you do have great content that fits my niche and people will learn from then:

  • explain why you want it on my site
  • describe it
  • describe the terms you want to offer

Thanks for your interest

Thanks for you interest in my sites.

Sorry your sales pitch didn’t have the desired effect for me.