Welcome to the Evil Tester’s Test Ability Audit

Prepare to be audited


Ability is one of the key attributes that elevates your testing proficiency. In this workshop we will evaluate ability from a number of different perspectives:

  • our ability to test
  • the features of applications that support our testing
  • technology attributes that support testing
  • application and tool attributes that ease automating

We will also take stock of our current ability and build an action plan to improve our test ability.

This workshop has elements of discussion, hands on investigation and hands on testing.

At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand the difference between Testablity, Test Ability and Automatability
  • Have Performed a Technology Testability Audit on Web Technology, Mobile Technology or a variety of application frameworks
  • Have Performed an Application Testability Audit
  • Have Performed an Automatability Audit
  • Have performed an audit of your own Test Ability and created an action plan to improve your ability to test.

Slides And Things

Emergency doc contains links and any other notes we might need on an adhoc basis

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