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1 minute read - FAQ Maven Tips

Maven Troubleshooting, Hints Tips and FAQs

Aug 22, 2013

Some hints and tips, when getting started with maven.

I’ve released a lot of videos showing how to get started with Maven and Selenium. They tend to help people see that the actions are possible, but if they run across an individual issue for their environment they may not know exactly what to do.

On my Selenium WebDriver course I had a list of Maven Troubleshooting Hints and Tips.

I released that to Slideshare as a pdf.

Pretty simple stuff, but I’ve had to do all of these.

The biggest thing I always encourage people to do when they encounter a problem? Try and solve the problem yourself. Don’t immediately run to someone for help.

When you try and solve the problem yourself, you learn a bit more about the tool. You learn how it works and hangs together. You force yourself to experiment and immediately overcome that ‘but if I touch it, it might break’ response.

I listed the tips in the most common order that I have to follow them. So if you have just started with Maven, and have hit a stumbling block - try working through these.

Also shared on Google Docs.

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