• Creating your CSS and XPath locators

    • I mainly use¬†FirePath to create my CSS and XPATH locators. I also use the built in tools in Opera and Chrome. I have an out of date and old post over on Use firefinder to help you construct Selenium CSS Selectors.¬†I rarely delete out of date posts, but I don’t use Firefinder any more. In Firefox use FirePath, this also runs as a Firebug addin and allows you to explore and experiment with CSS and XPath locators.
  • How to stop firefox 'update failed' dialog messing with your WebDriver automation

    • There I am, figuring out how to debug my FitNesse automation from within eclipse. And up pops the Firefox ‘update failed dialog’ and interfering with my automation. A bane and a pain when using Selenium RC. But with WebDriver there are easy ways round this. Start firefox with a profile and set the “app.update.silent” firefox property to true. The update error will still happen, but at least firefox won’t try and tell your automated processes about it.