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Feb 1, 2019 - 4 minute read - Monthly Summaries

January 2019 Summary

TLDR; New patreon bonus - pdf collation of posts monthly and more micro course content.

In case you missed it here is a summary of January 2019, blog posts, some notes and patreon roundup.


I’ve been creating daily content on Patreon and trying to find a way of making it more accessible. The Patreon interface isn’t particularly good for ‘lots’ of content.

I’ve build code that automates the extraction of data from Patreon - primarily using the GUI since the Patreon API doesn’t support post extracts. But I use JavaScript to scrape the data from the JavaScript working memory, rather than parse the DOM. This involves a few WebDriver JavaScriptExecutor calls and then some JSON parsing. I have a write up of this in a Patreon log post.

I have also written some code which parses the extract and can create a PDF.

This means I’ve introduced two new Patreon benefits which are accessible for only $5 a month (about 17 American cents per day):

  • a monthly pdf extract of the Patreon posts
  • a monthly pdf extract of blog posts

Its suprising just how much content you can create in a month.

For January the blog extract is a 21 page A4 document and the Patreon extract is over 100 pages.

I will gradually work back through the 2018 posts and retrospectively create monthly summary documents for 2018.

Blog Posts For January 2019

I have not listed videos separately, any YouTube videos I create will now have associated blog posts, so the blog posts below should contain all the content.

Most of the above have received additional content and analysis on Patreon.

Patreon Posts For January 2019

For $5 a month Patreons get access to my daily posts.

In January I also uploaded a bunch of content for the Patreon exclusive “Get Your Message Out” Micro Course on blogging, and speaking at conferences. You can see the contents for this course here.

The list below also contains posts which form part of my “Get your message out” Micro course

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