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Agile Software Testing and Development Consultancy

Evil Testing:
A special blend of skill, attitude and pragmatism that helps software development teams test and develop better software.

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I consult, coach and mentor to help teams deliver, automate and test better.

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Read the book: Dear Evil Tester

My book, "Dear Evil Tester" contains answers to questions that you didn't know testers asked.

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"Wonderful stuff there. Real deep."

"The more you know about software testing, the more you will find to amuse you."

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We use Patreon as a community membership site to support people who are serious about improving their testing skills.

Content built using community feedback it contains exclusive Patreon videos, tutorials and courses.

A small monthly fee gives you immediate access to the material and community Q&A features.

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Other books written by Alan Richardson

Automating and Testing a REST API

A Case study of Testing and Automating the Open Source Tracks REST API using: Java, RestAssured, Postman, cURL and HTTP Proxies

Java For Testers

Learn to program Java by writing tests.

The Top 9 Questions About Agile Testing... Answered Inside

  • What is Agile Testing?
  • Do we still need testers in Agile?
  • What is an Agile Tester?
  • What does a Tester Actually Do?
  • Should we automated our testing?
  • What tools should we use?
  • How much should we automate?
  • How can we automate in a sprint?
  • How can we finish all our testing in a sprint?

[see inside]

Podcast - The Evil Tester Show

An Audio and Visual Podcast about Software Testing with a different attitude.

Episodes & Show Notes

Compendium Developments

Visit Our official company site (Compendium Developments Ltd) for Consultancy, Training, Online Training, Conference Talks, Essays and Articles, Tools and Videos.


Selenium Simplified

Selenium WebDriver Training and Consultancy.


Java For Testers

Learn to program Java by writing tests.