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Sep 3, 2019 - 3 minute read - Monthly Summaries

August 2019 Content Summary

TLDR; New code to study, some apps to test. And some blog posts…

Github And Applications

  • I have been updated my Automated Abstractions github code
    • there is a supporting face to face workshop for this, but the code is useful for self study with plenty of embedded exercises
  • RESTMud is now a monorepo to make it easier to work with
  • Todo JS I used TodoMVC as a base and created an extended version that offers more flexibility for using as a practice testing and automated execution application
  • I amended my twitter client to remove analytics, use GET everywhere, easier access to twitter saved searches and easier hashtag exploration.

Patreon Posts For August 2019

The following posts on Patreon were collated into a 60 page PDF that patreons on the $5 “scholar” tier have access for downloading to make it easier to catch up with the content.

Blog Posts For August 2019

Twitter August 2019

I found a few interesting links that I posted to Twitter, which are listed below. This list is semi-automatically collated using

Note: I don’t summarise the content that I release to Facebook or Instagram so you might want to follow me there as well.

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