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3 minute read - Monthly Summaries

November 2021 Content Summary

Dec 13, 2021

Content Summary for November 2021 and Patreon.

The content on Patreon is accessible for only $1 a month at Supporters gain access to downloadable PDFs of the content and micro courses e.g. How I Test - Web App, Test Ability Audit and more

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Twitter Stuff

Some content that I wrote for AG Grid

  • I wrote a blog post tutorial describing the use of React Testing Library

  • Also on AG Grid I wrote about the approach I took for creating dynamic column headers. This is the approach I use in my test data generator and table editor.

All the blog posts that I write for AG Grid can be found here:

  • An overview of API testing and tooling

  • Comparison of Java HTTP libraries

  • How REST API’s work

  • Some content from Michael Bolton that was very useful:

  • AI Playing Mario Kart because I like seeing new ways to automate things

  • A Short documentary about Infocom, with some insight into their testing and development process

Blog Posts For November 2021

I revisited and updated a bunch of blog posts as well as adding “Automate Yourself First”

The most minimal configuration of Jacoco I could come up with to report on Junit 4 and JUnit 5 coverage reporting with Maven.

Releasing a Chrome Extension requires some additional changes to your manifest to create more descriptions and icons, but it might get rejected so we have to know how to fix that.

Content created and collated for, Patreon and Social for October 2021

In situations where it is hard to get buy in for automating, then I often start by Automating for myself.

Patreon Posts For November 2021

Spreadsheets might not model relations well but the are easy to extend and script.

Some in the GUI automating to make a site more user friendly.

The difference between being Driven by models and using them as a Basis for testing.

The combinatorial explosion in testing goes far beyond paths and data, it extends to every model that we have, or could have.

When we know how to Test and Automate, then we can use the skills we learned for one, to help with the other.

Agile Consultancy

First impressions of Cypress after reviewing a small set of code.

October 2021 collated content as downloadable pdfs.

Summary for October 2021

Experiences with testing in agile projects that are trying to scale.

The danger with being a beginner…

Browsers can’t protect us from everything.

It’s rarely ‘vs’ - ’thing 1’ vs ’thing 2’ and yet distinctions are important, whatever can we do?

Distraction seems to be a problem for many people. What do they mean, and how can we harness them?

You can gain access to the content on Patreon for only $1 a month at Supporters gain access to downloadable PDFs of the content and micro courses e.g. How I Test - Web App, Test Ability Audit and more

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