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July 2022 Content Summary

Aug 1, 2022

Content Summary for July 2022 and Patreon.

Patreon Posts For July 2022

My notes for the investigating application state exercise

My Notes: Model Input Domain and Expand Coverage exercise

Exercise Set 3 for the 7charval application

Exercise set 2 for 7charval

My notes on exercise Model Output Domain and Go For Coverage

Can an exercise to just ‘find a bug’ trigger the thought processes required to actually do that?

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Try the app and ’learn’ stuff.

My notes on the instruction evaluation exercise for 7charval

My first set of exercises for 7charval

Just for fun, I thought I’d revisit one of my old testing exercises and see how I can use it to practice. So I picked the simplest.

I found a weird bug today and I decided to blame it on a Chrome bug rather than my app.

Notes about email host migration and architecture.

Some lessons from retro gaming and building my retro setup.

I started using Wallabyjs for testing Javascript and found it really usefl.

Some notes on how my thinking about Test Cases may have changed over the years.

a slightly non-standard TDD approach but it worked fine for what I was doing.

Wrapping a singleton library as a class to make it easier to use and test with.

Simple changes often aren’t.

How would you approach your development of your skills if there were no books or people to learn from. What to do when there are too many?

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