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Aug 11, 2019 - 4 minute read - Monthly Summaries

July 2019 Content Summary

TLDR; A new course. And some blog posts…


I recorded a new online course. This will be released through a third party and I’ll announce it properly when the course is finalised and released.

It basically covers the WebDriver Support classes in more detail and is a good solid look at some of the synchronisation approaches and Page Object approaches that I learned a lot from.

Prepping for this, rather took my attention away from blogging, but I managed to keep up with my Patreon schedule and started mentoring on a 1-2-1 basis.

Contact me if you would like to incorporate 1-2-1 mentoring in your Software Testing Training Budget

Patreon Posts For July 2019

The following posts on Patreon were collated into a 76 page PDF that patreons on the $5 “scholar” tier have access for downloading to make it easier to catch up with the content.

Blog Posts July 2019

I was surprised to find that these blog posts collated into a 21 page PDF for patreons.

Hopefully I’ll manage to blog more regularly and publicly in the future.

Twitter July 2019

I found a few interesting links that I posted to Twitter, which are listed below. This list is semi-automatically collated using

Note: I don’t summarise the content that I release to Facebook or Instagram so you might want to follow me there as well.

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