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Mentoring from Alan Richardson

Alan Richardson is Helping Software Testers and Developers Through Mentoring.

I receive a lot of requests via contact forms on my web sites from people asking for help and requesting mentoring.

Mentoring allows long term sustained focus on personal improvement that Consultancy often doesn’t provide the scope for.

Mentoring can be remote, or if you are based in London, can be onsite. Remote mentoring allows me to keep the costs low, and help people world wide.

I can help through:

  • Personal Mentoring
  • Team Mentoring
  • Patreon Mentoring

Personal and Team mentoring are paid services because of the time and dedication focused on helping you to succeed.

The value from personal and team mentoring is often experienced immediately, because we don’t use training exercises, we work from your direct work experience.

Contact Alan About Mentoring.

What is a mentoring session?

Unlike consultancy which is often a week visit to help solve a problem.

Mentoring is an ongoing process to help move people forward.

A Mentoring session involves:

  • preparation work prior to mentoring session to review goals, previous action steps, current industry knowledge, and make sure that we are seriously building on each session.
    • We don’t want to use a canned list of simple questions to see how you are feeling, we want to push your skills and abilities to the next level.
  • a video discussion
    • this can range from 30 minutes to an hour
    • it may involve screen sharing: to look at your code, pair on testing, review work, explore sample approaches
    • covers questions, issues, examples; all related to your current situation
  • post mentoring session report write up: notes, next steps, comments, research, exercises
  • email contact, prompts, updates and brief Q&A email chains, between mentoring sessions to maintain momentum between sessions

Personal Mentoring

If you want to improve your personal approach to software testing and development to add more value to your projects and organisation then working with a mentor is a great way to continually advance.

If you have people in your organisation that can work with you regularly to help you improve then you are lucky. In many companies people often work alone. Or the management team may not have the specialised knowledge to mentor on a technical skill level or may not have the time.

Remote mentoring can help.

  • agree a direction and set of topics to target.
  • regular online mentoring sessions over video conferencing
  • tracking goals and results from session to session
  • Q&A email contact between mentoring sessions so you don’t get stuck

This works best when it is a company sponsored engagement and your company provides the personal development budget to help you improve on a regular basis with targeted discussions based on your actual work and not just a training environment.

Sessions can be booked on an individual basis, but more value is achieved with a block booking of several sessions because then we can set and monitor goals and progress.

What is a session?

  • about 45 minutes 1-2-1 video call
  • this is recorded and you have access to the recording
  • I prepare a set of notes from each session with follow on actions and references
  • Prior to each session I review previous notes, identify follow up questions and ideas
  • Sessions can cover specific topics, adhoc to cover immediate questions and concerns, or a mix of both.
  • Between sessions support can be available via email

Contact Alan About Personal Mentoring

Team Mentoring

By working with an entire team, we can help every team member get the information they need to improve.

Team mentoring is working personally with each team member and in team mastermind sessions to share knowledge across the whole team.

And because Alan has Team Management experience. This mentoring can include the management staff, as well as the team members.

Contact Alan About Team Mentoring

Patreon Mentoring

The lowest cost way I can provide mentoring is via Patreon, where I respond to questions and create content around those questions for the people in the Patreon community.

I create unique content to help address common issues and questions based on experience.

This is a great to have a regular push to help keep improvement at the forefront of your mind, with examples and techniques to experiment with.

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Contact meĀ for help with Personal or Team Mentoring.


Can you mentor me for free?

Short answer… No. Unfortunately I really don’t have time to dedicate to an individual for free. I do respond to emails if you contact me above. And I to try to help as much as a I can. I may also generalise your questions and use them to create public content to help other people. You may find that I have already answered some of your question existing blog posts, podcasts, or YouTube Videos. I also support my Patreon supporters through Patreon messaging and the discussion forums.