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8 minute read - Monthly Summaries

September 2019 Content Summary

Oct 1, 2019

TLDR; More code to study, conference slides to read, useful tools and more…

The content on Patreon is accessible for only $1 a month at Supporters gain access to downloadable PDFs of the content and micro courses e.g. How I Test - Web App, Test Ability Audit and more

New Learning Resources

Automation Abstractions - Code, Slides, Handouts

I updated my Automated Abstractions github code so that it now has the slides.

Keynote slides and recording on Automated Execution

A Keynote I performed at an internal ABN Amro conference on “Secret Mysteries of Automated Execution” has been released as slides.

The talk was recorded, but I don’t have the official recording yet.

I did, however, record it on my ipod so I already released a live recording of the talk to Patreon on the 11th of September:

I cover topics such as:

  • How well does your automated execution handle failure?
  • Simplified models of the process of automating?
  • Why say Automated Exeuction?
  • Bake it in to your process
  • Automated using Models
  • Execution is about paths
  • Execution requires tools
  • Automation Pyramids are about Coverage
  • What do you want your exeuction to tell you?
  • How do you trust automated execution?
  • How to make automated execution robust? -The secrets of using BDD for Automated Execution.

New Course On WebDriver Support Classes

I worked with LinkedIn Learning to create an online course on WebDriver Support Classes.

Course Cover Image

An online training course available on Linkedin Training providing an overview of the Selenium Support Classes. I always thought these were WebDriver’s best kept secret, and there is so much to gain from diving into how they work and using them as a basis for your own code.

I learned so much from studying the Support Classes when I was learning Selenium WebDriver, there are so many examples of code extending Selenium Core that I have always encouraged people learning Selenium to look into these classes. I hope this course will help people pick up that knowledge faster and illustrate some of the use cases and lessons learned.

You can find the course on LinkedIn Here.

That brings the total number of online courses listed on my site to 9. You can find my full list of online courses here.


I started using to monitor my SSL certificate expiration because my main site SSL expired but did not auto-renew during the month of September - and of course it happened on the two day that I was sick and lying in bed!

But now, sends me an email close the SSL expiry date and I can manually renew. Very handy free service.

Patreon Posts For September 2019

The following posts on Patreon were collated into a 60+ page PDF that patreons on the $5 “scholar” tier have access for downloading to make it easier to catch up with the content. Patreon Summary Index

Twitter September 2019

I found a few interesting links that I posted to Twitter, which are listed below. This list is semi-automatically collated using

Note: I don’t summarise the content that I release to Facebook or Instagram so you might want to follow me there as well.

You can gain access to the content on Patreon for only $1 a month at Supporters gain access to downloadable PDFs of the content and micro courses e.g. How I Test - Web App, Test Ability Audit and more

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