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Abn Amro Internal Quality conference - Keynote and Tutorial

A Keynote on Secrets and Mysteries of Automated Execution and a Tutorial on Web GUI Abstractions for Automating.

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Abn Amro

On 11th September 2019 I was invited to present a Keynote and Tutorial at an internal Abn Amro conference for their Software Testers and Software Developers. There were a good mix of internal speakers and external speakers and additional invited speakers from Saucelabs.

I presented a talk on “Secret mysteries of automated execution” which described lessons learned and generic concepts about automating that I use to help me.

And I reworked my 2014 workshop on Abstraction Layers to bring it up to date. Mostly open-sourced and you can find the slides and code using the github links below.

Keynote: Secret mysteries of automated execution

There are many things we don’t know:

  • Does Bigfoot exist?
  • Are UFOs Alien Spacecraft?
  • Is there a monster in Loch Ness?
  • Does the application still function after this code change?

Some of these mysteries have defied repeated attempts to investigate.

Application functionality… we’ve pretty much got a good handle on that.

Or do we?

Your Automated Execution is only as good as it deals with difference.

In this talk I look at the differences that make a difference for automated execution.

  • How well does your automated execution handle failure?
  • Simplified models of the process of automating?
  • Why say Automated Exeuction?
  • Bake it in to your process
  • Automated using Models
  • Execution is about paths
  • Execution requires tools
  • Automation Pyramids are about Coverage
  • What do you want your exeuction to tell you?
  • How do you trust automated execution?
  • How to make automated execution robust? -The secrets of using BDD for Automated Execution.


Tutorial: Page Objects and GUI Automation Abstractions in Java

In this workshop we will explore various approaches for abstraction layers to support Web GUI Automation. We will cover the most common abstraction approaches i.e. Page Objects and Component Objects. Also abstractions for HTML Elements, infrastructure, environments, driver management, synchronised components. We will examine how we can use different abstractions in combination to understand the pros and cons of the various decisions we make when building code to support automated execution. The workshop will involve discussion, live coding, and working with the example code to refactor it in various ways to create the abstraction layers.


  • Laptop with wifi to access the source code and materials
  • Installed Java SDK, IntelliJ, Maven
  • Experience with Java and Maven to allow you to read, run and amend the code


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