You can sponsor our open source applications, use this for marketing, PR and help support development.

Alan Richardson is a Software Testing and Development consultant. Author of the books “Selenium Simplified”, “Java For Testers”, “Automating and Testing a REST API” and “Dear Evil Tester”. Alan posts free video tutorials on his blog at

I release as much of my content online as possible.

  • WebDriver FAQ Code
  • REST API Automating Examples
  • Training applications for Testing and Automating

I have over 100 repositories on github

Sponsorship helps cover the time it takes to create and maintain all the examples. And pay for the hosting to allow the practice applications to be available online at no charge for anyone around the world to practice their testing and automating and improve their skills.

Publicly hosted applications that are currently suitable for corporate sponsorship:

I will be expanding sponsorship to the following applications. If you would like to sponsor them then let me know and I’ll speed up the amendments necessary to promote your sponsorship.

Sponsorship can also be extended to our mixed media online tutorial projects, contact me to discuss details:

If you find any project in our Github Repositories that you want to sponsor, but I haven’t listed above then contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.