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This page last updated 25th May 2018.

This information covers sites that we are owners and data processor for:


Additional sites which are associated with us, but which act as data processor for your information:

  • - for bought online courses
  • - for bought online courses
  • for books bought via

Blog content is syndicated to a variety of sites. Comments and user generated content is not shared.

Syndicated content usually has a footer linking to the original post:

This content was originally posted on

This content was originally posted on

Use of Cookies

These sites use Google Analytics for gaining insight into web analytics. Google Analytics will add cookies into your web session. You can opt out of this using

The blogs


Use adsense, which use cookies to serve ads based on your visits to the blog and other sites, including the DoubleClick cookie. You can amend these options using

There are training pages on which use session cookies to demonstrate cookie functionality, this is clearly explained on the training page.

What Information We Collect About You

Your information is stored in the following data processors and controllers:

  • you sign up to our email list
    • your email address is managed by the 3rd party data controller MailChimp
    • email list signup is double opt in
    • you only provide your email address
  • you join one of our courses on Zenler, zenler are the 3rd party data controller
  • you join one of our courses on Teachable, Teachable are the 3rd party data controller
  • you buy one of our books on leanpub
    • see their privacy policy
    • see their terms of service
    • No personal information is sent to us. Leanpub allow you to share your email address with the author but we do not use this functionality. Leanpub allow us to send a message to purchasers via their platform which we do if we update the book or if we update the support material for the book. You information is not taken off the data controller
  • you fill in one of our Google forms online for an ‘ask me anything’
    • we delete your email address and query from the google sheet after responding to it
  • you support us on Patreon
    • see their terms of use
    • we can see your email address on their platform, we never migrate your email address off that plaform, we message you via Patreon functionality.
  • you leave a comment on Blogger
  • you contact us via the /page/contact form
    • no details are stored
    • an email is sent via the server to us
    • we respond to, and then delete the email
  • you leave a comment via disqus on our blog or online courses hosted on teachable or zenler
  • you use no information is stored beyond the session, for Twitter Oauth. This is why you have to authenticate on each visit.
  • Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics has been added to the site to help us track traffic. No identifiable information is sent to us or extracted from the data controller.
    • You can opt out of google analytics using this tool from Google

The following third parties have been used in the past, but are used no longer. No personal data from these sites is stored off line or removed from these platforms. Only data sent during the normal sales process is retained for accounting reasons.

How we share information we collect

We do not share your information.

If asked then we may have to comply with any legal law authority requirements to release information. Since we don’t store any of your information offline, that would be done via a 3rd party data controller.

We have in the past moved email addresses from one data controller to another as part of a migration of our email list. This is covered by the terms and conditions of the data controller. We do not store your email addresses offline.

Access and Control your information

For the relevant channel i.e. email list, Teachable, Zenler, Leanpub etc. see the data controller pages for:

  • Access and update your information
  • Delete your information
  • Data Portability

For email, every email sent via the newsletter will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom where you can opt-out of any future communication from us.

Length of Storage of data

  • whenever we send an email via MailChimp, we delete from MailChimp anyone who has unsubscribed from the mailing list


If there are any questions you can contact us at:

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