Conference Talks

A List of Conference Talks, Keynotes and Tutorials

I have presented at conferences world wide since 2003. Most of the conferences below have links to a write up of the talks and slides.

Many of the talks are also available in my Evil Tester Talks online training with transcripts, exercises, recordings and extra content.

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Most of my speaking engagements are invited talks which are uniquely created for the event. You can contact me if you would like me to speak at your event.

 Open Quality Conference 

Create a professional online open source profile

 October 2020 


Automating to Augment Testing

 July 2020 

ET Talks

 Virtuoso Webinar 

The Future of Testing

 April 2020 

ET Talks

 Dev Fest Bishkek 

Exploring and Testing a Web Application

 December 2019 

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 Abn Amro Internal 

Secrets and Mysteries of Automated Execution

 September 2019 


Automating Pragmatically

 June 2019 

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 Test Tribe 

A Live video Ask Me Anything Webinar

 June 2019 

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 Joy Of Coding 

Becoming a Software Developer

 May 2019 

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Testing from First Principles

 November 2018 

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 Agile Testers Conference 

Technology Based Technical Testing

 October 2018 

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 London Tester Gathering 

Testability Audit

 June 2018 


Magic, Cognition and Testing

 March 2018 

 Rabobank - Internal 

How to Test with Agility

 February 2018 

 FiSTB Testing Assembly 

Automating Tactically and Strategically

 September 2017 


Presentation skills workshop

 September 2017 

 Nordic Testing Days 

Creating yourself as a tester - make your own testing path

 June 2017 

 Let's Test 

Evil Tester’s Testing Games

 May 2017 


Real World Automating To Support Testing

 May 2017 

 Fusion Birmingham 

Automating to Support Testing.

 March 2017 

ET Talks

 Test Focus Group 

QA in Devops

 March 2017 


Test Automation and People Conversation

 February 2017 

 Xebia Meetup 

Resolutions and Trends in Software Testing

 January 2017 


Automating Tactically

 January 2017 

 Test Automation Guild 

If you want to automate, you learn to code

 January 2017 

ET Talks

 Test Clinic 


 December 2016 

 Tabara de Testare 

Lessons Learned When Automating

 February 2016 

ET Talks

 Agile and Automation Days 

How to Improve your Technical Test Ability

 November 2015 

ET Talks


Real World Automation Challenges

 October 2015 

ET Talks

 Test Automation Day 

Experiences with Automation

 June 2015 

 Test Management Summit 

Successful Test Automation for Managers

 April 2015 

 Tabara de Testare 

An Introduction to Technical Testing

 April 2015 

 Black Ops Testing 

Workshop on Technical and Exploratory Testing

 January 2015 

 Agile Testing Days 

Helping Testers Add Value to Agile Projects - Keynote, Tutorial

 November 2014 


Page Objects and Abstraction Layers

 October 2014 


Selenium Tutorial

 May 2014 

 Test Management Summit 

Automation Abstraction layers

 April 2014 

 SD Summit 

Experiences of Exploratory Testing in Agile

 December 2013 


Should testers be able to code

 December 2013 

 London Tester Gathering 

HTTP Proxies and Developer Tools

 October 2013 


Scouting, Planning, Attacking, Automating

 October 2013 


Experiences With Exploratory Testing

 May 2013 

 Let's Test 

Evil Tester's Guide to Web Testing

 May 2013 

 Test Bash 

99 Second Talk

 March 2013 

 Test Management Summit 

BDD and How to Manage Technical Testers

 January 2013 


Technical Testing Webinar

 December 2012 


Unconventional influences

 November 2012 

 Let's Test 

Testing Hypnotically

 May 2012 

 Test Bash 

The Evil Tester's Guide to Eeevil

 March 2012 

 London Selenium 

Web Scraping

 August 2011 


The Missing Years

 2005 - 2011 

 Test Management Summit 

Exploring Open Source Test Tools

 January 2009 

 British Computer Society 

Context Driven Testing, A Personal View

 March 2005 


Alternative Test Tools In Action

 November 2004 


NLP For Testers, A Brief Introduction

 June 2004 


Be a Better Tester, Be a Beta Tester

 December 2003