The Evil Tester Show

Welcome to “The Evil Tester Show”. A Podcast (audio and visual) about Software Testing.

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Episode 004 - New Year Special 2018 - The Evil Tester Show

In this first podcast of 2018 we have New Year Resolution Special and you will learn how to use your testing skills for goal setting and asking questions.

Episode 003 - Black Friday Special - The Evil Tester Show

In this Black Friday Special of The Evil Tester Show Podcast we consider lessons we can learn from discount sales, retail under pressure, and confidence tricksters and expert provocateurs.

Episode 002 - Provocative Therapy and Quality Coaching - The Evil Tester Show

In this episode we cover Provocative Therapy, the Role of the Tester in Modern Software Development and the role of the Quality Coach

Episode 001 - Halloween Special 2017 - The Evil Tester Show

In this first and super spooky episode we cover Houdini, Charles Fort and GhostHunting, all related back to Software Testing