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Episode 011 - Programmer or Tester? - The Evil Tester Show

In this podcast we answer the question What Should I Be? Programmer or Tester?

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Show Notes

I receive a lot of emails asking which way should people focus their career - Testing? Programming? Automating?

And that’s what I cover in this podcast.

I get asked this question a lot - direct messages, emails, youtube comments, etc.

And I’m going to try and explain how to think about it in a second. But I want to start with a warning.

Warning - we should not have to think like this

I understand why we have to think like this. Job market emphasises specialism.

But Software Development requires harnessing all the skills. Because Software Development requires programming, testing, automating. And more: design, analysis, requirements, negotiation, management, etc.

We must not let our role definitions define us.

But - we need to get a job

And to get a job, we specialise.

Getting a job is different from “Should I be…”

What Should I Be?

All are viable careers, so If you ’love’ one thing then do that.

Don’t even question it.

What Should I Be?

This question might mean:

  • what will be better for me long term?
  • what will be a better fit for me personally?
  • what will get me more money?
  • what will guarantee me a job for life?

You have to decide what your motivation is.

Things that don’t matter are the things that can be taught

What you can’t be taught is to be interested.

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