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2 minute read - Marketing

Digital Marketing FIT Small Business Influencers

Nov 4, 2018

TLDR; tips for digital marketing - automate, create fast, promote

A FIT Small Business Tech Influencer 2018

I was asked by Fit Small Business to contribute to tech digital marketing tips.

Three Tips

They asked for three tips to help people with tech and digital marketing.

I suggested:

  • Automate Tasks
  • Create Content Quickly
  • Promote Content

Automate Tasks

Find ways to automate tasks. Large companies have the benefit that they have a lot of people that can do many simple tasks. Smaller companies can still compete with larger companies but we have to automate. Start simple by looking at the tasks available on e.g. if you frequently work with Instagram then look at the IFTTT applets and add them to your workflow. I use IFTTT to automatically post my Instagram, and YouTube content to

Create Content Quickly

We have to learn to create content quickly because we have a business to run, as well as needing to promote it. Learn to live with ‘good enough’ text and don’t try to edit or polish it to death. Learn create a good first draft and publish it live quickly. You can edit the content again once its out there. I sometimes use the ’edits’ as an opportunity to re-promote the content. e.g. I’ve just added a video to my post on … etc.

Promote Content

In addition to creating content, we have to promote it. I often do this by repurposing content. If I create a blog post then: I also convert it into a slide deck and upload to slideshare, pull out quotes and create Instagram posts. Also take advantage of syndication sites i.e. find blog aggregators for your niche and submit your site, use Medium to re-publish your blog posts, identify bots that republish tweets based on tags and then use those tags in your tweets. Sometimes you’re trying to get your content in the hands of as many people as possible, not just drive them to your main site.

Why Marketing?

Just in case people didn’t know… I actually have a Digital Marketing blog and web site:

Talotics stands for “digiTAL ONline tacTICS”

I created Talotics because I was learning a lot about digital marketing and implementing tactics, but I didn’t want to clutter my testing sites with “How To Do Marketing” posts.

If you interested in that, you can find my material over at