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Selenium Simplified

Free book on Selenium-RC.

This book is now out of print in paperback format, and available as a free download. Why? Because WebDriver arrived, the Selenium-RC interface is even further deprecated. While Selenium-RC is still supported in Selenium 3 you really shouldn't start using it now, you should use Selenium WebDriver instead

Want to Learn Selenium WebDriver?

If you want to learn Selenium WebDriver then you should check out my Online training course on Selenium WebDriver with Java.

Selenium WebDriver API course

Selenium WebDriver With Java (15+ hours)

About The Book

The 2nd edition of “Selenium Simplified”, a tutorial guide to Selenium RC in Java, is a tutorial based book. It has plenty of screenshots and walks you through the learning process. You can get a good idea of the content and writing style by reviewing the preview on This is an 80+ page preview containing the first few chapters. The preview alone should help you get started with Selenium-RC.

The book contains 417 pages split into 38 chapters, jam packed full of Selenium tutorial goodness. It is bursting at the seams with a desire to get the reader quickly and easily doing test automation in Java with Selenium.

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