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May 16, 2013 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Webinars

Thinking Visually in Software Testing

On 16 May 2012 I presented a webinar at the Eurostar 2012 Virtual conference. An overview of many types of visual thinking for software testing

We all know the power of models and diagrams. In this session Alan will share his experience of using models and diagrams in Software Testing to help his test planning and communication of testing. We will cover “Not Thinking Visually” - what this looks like, why it is the norm, and traps your readers will fall into. The difference between thinking spatially, and thinking visually. How you can utilise the simplest of text editors to give you more space for your thinking. How and why to make your thinking more visual. And the simple tools and software which can help (covering more than just mind maps), and using these tools quickly as you test..


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