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Nov 26, 2014 - 1 minute read - CompendiumDev Conferences

Recent Conferences Updated with Slides and Videos

Conference information for 2014.

I’ve just uploaded to the site the information about:

  • October

    • StarWest 2014
      • held a one day tutorial on “Selenium WebDriver with Java”
      • session talk “Page Object Abstractions and Beyond”
  • November

    • Oredev 2014

      • session talk “Confessions of An Accidental Security Tester”
      • session talk “Page Object Abstractions and Beyond”
    • Agile Testing Days 2014

      • performed the closing keynote “Helping Testers Add Value in Agile”
      • held a new one day tutorial “Technical Testing in Agile”
      • led a double track workshop “Black Ops Testing Workshop”

If you follow the links, you can see all the presentation slides, and a few recorded videos of the talk.

I’ve produced a lot of new material this year, so expect to see some of it appear in a packaged form on this web site next year.

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