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Tech Web Testing 101

Technical Testing Course

We need to test more technically in order to find more deeply hidden bugs. To investigate architectural risk. To improve our understanding of the applications we test.

This course will help you perform more technical testing.

It will introduce you to the basic concepts and tools you need to help you take the next step in your testing evolution.

What our students have said:

  • "I can't thank you enough Alan"
  • "Great start as an overview and philosophical approach"
  • "This was an excellent course and a great intro to the field"
  • "dive right in and get your hands dirty...the ONLY real way to learn it"
  • "I've just finished watching the course and I have to say, my mind is overflowing with ideas"

What will I learn?

The course was originally supposed to be a lot of small introductory courses. Instead I decided to add them all in this one course. The benefit for you is that the course grows to provide information on more aspects of technical web testing.

This course has already grown larger than I thought it would. I keep adding content to it.

You’ll learn:

  • The basic theory of technical testing
  • How to self teach yourself, and go beyond what we cover in the course
  • How to get more out of browser functions than you expected
  • How to use proxies to look at web traffic
  • How to manipulate web traffic during your testing
  • Free tools that you can use immediately to improve the depth of your testing
  • How and why to work with Cookies
  • Testing REST Web Services
  • Using the JavaScript Browser Console
  • Enough JavaScript to make you dangerous
  • How to automate web applications from within the browser
  • Fun practical exercises

And that’s at a high level. When I write “Testing REST Web Services” I mean - what is REST, what tools can I use, examples of testing REST, different apps to practice on.

This course expands on my popular webinars and conference Keynote talks on Technical Web Testing and provides an overview of the tools and thought processes you need to know.

This is an exciting course to have put together. I really believe that when we improve our technical skills we improve our testing, and the skills I teach in this course are skills I use all the time. And I know other people don’t have these skills so I’m explaining them in this course and making it as affordable as I can so that everyone can commit to learning these skills and techniques and improve their web testing.

For example, the JavaScript Browser Console Section teaches you the skills to do this


The additional two challenges (each designed to take about an hour each) where you look at browser functionality in more detail to see how, even the simplest function can be used for technical testing, and how learning more tool functionality can change your test approach.

And by simplest function, I really do mean simplest function: view page source, and incognito mode. When I was researching these two sections, I learned more than I expected.

The RestMud section describes how to use the free adventure game that we released, to improve your technical testing.

Introduction to Interactive REST API Testing

I was going to make this a course on its own, and decided that introductory material on REST API interaction deserved to be covered in the Technical Web Testing 101 course, so added this 40 minutes + of material into this course.

We cover:

  • using the browser to interact with a REST API
  • using Postman to interact with a REST API
  • overview of REST APIs
  • HTTP Verbs and authentication
  • using Postman and REST APIs through a proxy
  • some sample apps to test
  • Interacting with Restmud through the REST API

A lot of videos showing the interaction and you should be ready to get hands on with a REST API.

What have other people said?

People have been raving about this course since we first released it, check out these reviews:

  • “Very easy to comprehend in good bite size portions”
  • “This course will act as a great catalyst to future learning. Great stuff!!!!”
  • “This was an excellent course and a great intro to the field”
  • “dive right in and get your hands dirty…the ONLY real way to learn it”
  • “Great for beginners!”
  • “Quite an eye opener”
  • “I can’t thank you enough Alan”
  • “Great start as an overview and philosophical approach”
  • “Tremendous!”
  • “I’ve just finished watching the course and I have to say, my mind is overflowing with ideas”

Before you sign up, you could read the syllabus and watch the free preview videos below and see what we cover.

Or jump right in.

The course is the price of a few cups of coffee, and has a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. I honestly believe that this course is worth so much more than that, any one of the sections in here can change how you test web applications for the better, you will never look at your testing the same again, and you will boost your testing skills. I keep thinking I’ll raise the price, instead I keep adding content and increasing the value. This could be the best value $ you invest in your testing career.

(+VAT where applicable)

Improve your Technical Web Testing