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Apr 2, 2015 - 2 minute read - Evil Tester Technical Testing

Virtually Live in Romania - Technical Testing Webinar to Tabara De Testare

On 1st April I presented Technical Testing to the Tabara De Testare testing group in Romania.

I presented virtually over Google Hangouts. The Tabara De Testare testing group is spread over four cities in Romania, each of which live streamed the webinar to a room filled with their members. I could see the room via the presentation machines web cam.

We also had 70+ people watching from the comfort of their own homes and workplaces.

Thanks to Tabara De Testare for organising the webinar.

I have released the slides to the webinar on slideshare:

During the webinar I ran through the slides, then provided a short demo of Browser Dev tools supporting technical testing investigations on the demo application.

Dangerously, I then tried to demo proxy tools to help answer a question from the audience.

Clearly - using a proxy tool, while conducting a live webinar through a browser isn’t the least dangerous option. And lo, I lost the Q&A chat window as a result. But I think we covered most of the questions during the live Q&A which followed.

If you’d like me to ‘virtually’ attend a testing group that you organise then please ask, as its easier for me to fly around the world via webcam than it is to jump on a plane, and it means you don’t get stung for travel and accommodation costs.

I will edit and upload the webinar to my Technical Web Testing course shortly.

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