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2 minute read - FAQ

Software Testing YouTube Channels to Subscribe to - and how to subscribe

Nov 24, 2016

TLDR; There are a lot of amazing YouTube channels to learn from. If you’re not using subscriptions on YouTube with notifications or RSS then you are missing out.

When I started with YouTube I used it as a search engine and didn’t subscribe to any channels.

There are so many testing channels and conference channels that learning how to subscribe to YouTube channels will massively boost your learning opportunities. Use the list of recommended channels below and the instructions on how to subscribe to boost your learning opportunities.

I’m going to recommend a few YouTube Channels to start with:

And now in A-Z order, a selection from my subscriptions:

If I missed out any of your favourites then let me know in the comments - that way I, and other readers can benefit from your research.

You might also find some useful channels in this Big List of JavaScript Channels that I haven’t digested or reviewed yet.

My approach to YouTube is:

  • everytime I see a useful video - I subscribe to the channel and add notifications
  • when a conference tweets that they’ve released a video on YouTube - I subscribe to the channel and add notifications

If you aren’t doing this then you are missing out on an incredibly amount of valuable content to help you grow your knowledge and technical skills.

If you don’t know how to manage YouTube subscriptions yet, then watch these videos:

And you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel here