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Fusion Birmingham Meetup - 23rd March 2017

At the Fusion Birmingham Meetup in March 2017 I presented a technical deep dive into automating to support testing.

The full version of this talk is available in Evil Tester Talks

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Fusion Meetup in Birmingham March 2017

At the Fusion Meetup in Birmingham on March 23rd I presented a deep dive talk in how we automate applications to support testing.

I was told the meetup was for developers. I took that to mean that I could go as technical and quickly as I want. So I did.

Title: A Technical Deep Dive into Practical Test Automation


In this talk I’m going to focus on the technical aspects of ’test automation’, using examples of approaches from a variety of Agile projects where we automated APIs, and GUIs. You’ll learn about the use of abstractions and how to think about modeling the system in code to support automating it. Also how to use these abstractions to support stress testing, exploratory testing, ongoing CI assertions and the testing process in general. I’ll also discuss the different styles of coding used to support automating tactically vs automating strategically.


A different bio than I normally use. This might mean that the meetup is less formal than others?

Alan is a test consultant who enjoys testing at a technical level using techniques from psychotherapy and computer science. In his spare time Alan is currently programming a multi-user text adventure game and some buggy JavaScript games in the style of the Cascade Cassette 50. Alan is the author of the books “Dear Evil Tester”, “Java For Testers” and “Automating and Testing a REST API”. Alan’s main website is and he blogs at


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This talk is also available,
with bonuses (e.g. transcript, extra videos,
exercises and resources),
in Evil Tester Talks: Technical Testing.