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Test Automation Consultancy

I can help you improve your Test Automation through consultancy, coaching or training.

I have helped teams implement and improve their Test Automation and use of Selenium WebDriver and API Automating libraries.

If you are facing any of these problems then I have solved them for other clients and can help you:

  • flaky test automation and need experienced help to make it robust?
  • you are using Selenium WebDriver are not sure how to make it even better?
  • you want to maximise the re-use potential of your automated code but are not sure how?
  • your team need to improve fast but you’re not sure about the next steps to take?
  • you want to automate the API but don’t know where to start?

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Proof of concepts

  • created proof of concept automation code to demonstrate the effective use of Selenium WebDriver on client applications (in both Java and C# .Net).
    • Even a small engagement, such as one or two days of proof of concept automation, has provided a reference artifact that clients have built on and referred to for months, as they incrementally improve their use of automation tools.

Quick Start Introduction of Automated Execution into projects

  • created the basic abstraction layers appropriate for projects for GUI and REST API work
  • created Page Object Level abstractions,
  • created Domain Object Level abstractions,
  • trained the team and mentored them in robust automated execution approaches

Test Automation Code Reviews

  • By reviewing automation code remotely and onsite
  • Sharing lessons learned from experience
  • Helping create more maintainable and readable code
  • Showing why good coding practices are important for Test Autoamtion
  • Saving code that would have been scrapped and started over

Interested in Improving the Quality of your Automation Code?

Improved Existing Automation Approaches

  • helped testers, familiar with other automation tools, migrate to Selenium WebDriver,
  • help maximise the value of running the automated tests through continuous integration,
  • use standard technologies for reporting to minimise manual test reporting for automation and improve the visibility of the coverage of automated execution,
  • trained people with no automation experience to use Selenium and REST API tools
  • helped people use Selenium in conjunction with specification tools such as FitNesse and Spock,
  • and more…

Automation Health Check Reviews

A health check review is a short term engagement to give you confidence in what you are doing well and identify improvements with discrete steps to take action on.

  • A review of existing automation approaches - not limited to Selenium WebDriver - to identify risks, gaps, improvements, assess the effectiveness of tools in use and recommend alternatives. This has covered areas such as
    • GUI automation as well as non-GUI automation
    • Mobile and Desktop automation as well as Web automation
    • Use and generation of test data


Contact meĀ for Test Automation Consultancy and help with Selenium WebDriver and API Automating.

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