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The Pulper

The Pulper is an application which you can use to practice testing and automating. It is written in Java, runnable locally and has been deployed to the cloud for easy access.

The Pulper is a simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application for managing a pulp book and magazine collection.

Everything runs in memory so there is no database to worry about.

The Pulper has multiple versions built in, the drop down admin menu allows selecting a version, or you can choose a version from the “Help” page.

The Pulper comes with built in canned data so you can instantly start navigating around and getting a feel for the application.

The application has some deliberate bugs, some of which are fixed in later versions of the app.

I’m sure there are some bugs of which I am unaware. Perhaps you will find them?

Use The Heroku Hosted Version


Download the .jar file from the releases page or specific versions listed below.

  • java -jar thepulper-1-2-5-jar-with-dependencies.jar
    • replace the .jar file name with the file you downloaded
  • visit http://localhost:4567/apps/pulp/

Download v1.2.4


Instructions, releases and exercises


The Pulper has an API:

Insomnia Workspace and Postman Collections are on github


The application is open source and full code in on Github:

It is part of The Evil Tester’s Compendium of Testing Apps

It can also be built and deployed independently.

It has been deployed as a multi user application to Heroku


I use this in my training. It is useful for practicing exploratory testing and for automating.